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Mattress Cleaning

We all like to get a good night’s sleep, on a clean and comfortable mattress. Most of us are done with the mattress cleaning only by washing the sheets. Truth is – your mattress is making you sick, triggering your allergies while asleep. You wake up tired and not rested enough. There is a simple solution to the problem. You should have your mattress professionally cleaned and sanitized every six to twelve months.

Dust mites are microscopic creators, harmless to most people. The problem comes from a potent enzymes found in their faces. Dust mites waste is among firs triggers for asthma and respiratory allergies, such as sneezing, runny nose, puffy eyes, itching, clogging in the lungs and many more. We constantly shed skin through our life (about 1/3 ounces per week) and dust mites feed on it. They thrive in the indoor home environment, specifically in bedrooms. Your mattress alone hosts 1.5 – 2 million mites, feasting on the skin flakes you shed every night.


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